Internet Distribution System- (IDS) are a collection of online travel portals or travel agencies, travel search engines.

IDS describes the distribution via 3rd party websites. This includes online travel agencies (OTA), travel portals, travel search engines/ directories.

Internet Distribution System (IDS)

World Choice Hotels has integrated with Pegasus to enable you to distribute your inventory to over 2,000 travel websites via Internet Distribution System (IDS). To know how the IDS can positively affect your hotel's bottom line read further.  


  • Internet Distribution System (IDS)          

An Internet Distribution System is a collection of online travel portals or agencies that have huge member bases and specialize in internet marketing of travel and related services. These ‘One Stop Shops' have distinctive features that can be used to drive potential travelers from the world over to your hotel. World Choice Hotels lists your hotel inventory on a number of hotels such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, WorldRes, CNN Traveller, Continental Airlines,, Hotwire,, and 2000 other travel websites.


  • Worldwide Presence - There are 7 dominant third party intermediaries or internet distribution channels (IDS) online and each of them has thousands of affiliated websites. When you register through Pegasus on any of these IDS you get registered on their affiliated websites.
  • Connectivity – Connect seamlessly to most of the leading travel websites including Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and and the four global distribution systems.
  • Market Reach Online - Effective and easy way to market your hotel on the Internet. It is extensively used by travel agents and is also the most common booking mechanism for consortia and negotiated corporate rates.
  • Online Distribution Strategy – Opening out your inventory to new online distribution channels is an effective method to capture new market share.
  • Expand Coverage - Expand reach to corporate and leisure travelers with special programs like GREATRATETM for year-round bookings, REST&JETTM for airport hotels and LATEGETAWAYSTM for last-minute reservations.
  • World Choice Hotels  also offers additional attractive features like:
  • Single Window Interface – Achieve all your marketing needs from a single interface i.e. your own branded website, GDS and Internet travel websites.
  • Easy Connectivity – World Choice Hotels is the most simple and cost effective hospitality marketing and distribution solution in the world today.
  • Content Mapper – This facility allows you to simultaneously and automatically update your content in all sales channels.
  • Little Maintenance Effort Required – The information provided to World Choice Hotels  for your hotel chain is automatically reflected into the GDS and IDS (Internet Travel Websites).
  • This cost effective single window interface solution is a marketing opportunity of a lifetime. WithWorld Choice Hotels , stay ahead of competitors! 

List of Internet Distribution System (IDS)


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