Tripconnect by Tripadvisor - TripConnect is part of TripAdvisor’s offering.

This is a new service from TripAdvisor that allows you to include real-time availability, pricing and bookings as part of your TripAdvisor listing.

TripConnect allows you to compete for more direct bookings, using a pay-per-click advertising model. (Update: TripAdvisor has now added an Instant Booking format where they charge a commission percentage for successful reservations.

For the first time, independent hotels and bed and breakfasts worldwide can bid directly in auctions to drive traffic from TripAdvisor to their websites. Owners of small properties will be able to drive TripAdvisor users to their own booking engines, sidestepping middlemen like online travel agents (OTAs) and Google Search.

If you own a hotel or B&B but find the above statements confusing, or if you aren’t comfortable with technology and digital marketing, then this blog post is for you.


  • What is TripConnect?

TripConnect is a new special website where you can place bids in TripAdvisor auctions. This website is a do-it-yourself service for buying traffic to your property’s own reservation system.

TripConnect works just like how you use Google AdWords, the search giant’s auction service, to buy advertisements in Google search results.

The more money you spend in TripConnect auctions, the more users of TripAdvisor will visit your TripAdvisor-area or property page, according to the company.


  • Quick tips for using TripConnect

Upon setup, TripAdvisor will automatically put you in the top position. Remember this is prime real estate so you’ll probably have to bid higher for that spot over time, because OTAs will be bidding for that same spot.

If you want to be extra careful, see how far it takes you with your minimum bids. If you don’t see results after a few weeks, incrementally increase your bids to see if anything changes.

Regularly check on your campaign to see where your link appears, and keep an eye on your spend.

Place desktop and mobile bids. Remember that travellers are avidly using their mobiles to research and book online travel elements, and you don’t want to miss out on that big piece of the market.

Meet the core team

Narayan Gautam
Founder & CEO
Isha Sharma
Monika Dua
Manager - Revenue Management