Hotel Management- We are committed to creating value for our owners, guests and the environment; delivering relationship

World Choice Hotels (WCH) is a emerging hotel management, technology, consultancy company based in New Delhi. We do the same but in a different way.

Hotel Management -Consulting to Operations.

World Choice Hotels operating mission statement has four essential components:

  • Deliver service in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner
  • Provide our guests with a superior hotel product
  • Create a workplace environment that promotes training and encourages loyalty
  • Achieve financial objectives in order to enhance job security and reward valued associates


The result of completing our mission is simple:

Each guest's experience will be so satisfying that he or she will be eager to return and recommend us to friends, family and associates.

Our Guiding Principles flow from our operating mission:

  • Maintain assets at the optimal quality level
  • Empower our associates to exceed guests' expectations
  • Nurture relationship with clients and guests
  • Achieve optimum financial performance each and every day
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards


Development, Construction, and Operations Process Specialists

World Choice Hotels has successfully delivered:

  • Pre-opening services for 6 hotels
  • Large full-service hotels
  • Cutting-edge emerging branded hotels
  • Independent hotels
  • Hotel operations for 2 hotels

We understand brand standards, building codes, different construction techniques, and the complex and interconnected technology that goes into a successful hotel. 

Intelligent and Strategic Market Approach:

  • World Choice Hotels carefully analyzes the “true” competitive set assessing each Hotel's current performance and potential
  • Our team understands the exceedingly complex distribution channel landscape
  • We invest the resources necessary to understand market dynamics and demand shifts
  • We craft the Hotel's marketing plan identifying the key demand generators and deploying the right strategies to own them
  • We provide 16-hour/day revenue management leadership
  • We actively manage frequent guest programs so that redemptions achieve the highest revenue potential and our participation in optional programs delivers the optimal ROI


Operational Intensity

  • Laser focused on Net Operating Income
  • State-of-the-art systems & resources
  • Best-in-class senior leaders
  • Centralized service delivery efficiencies
  • Bending the cost curve


Expert Relationship Managers

  • Hotel Families of Brands
  • Capital Relationships
  • Demand Generators
  • Vendors
  • Competitors


Systems and Technology

World Choice Hotels has world class systems that drive relevant and timely data to our properties and hotel management clients. Working with the vendors below, we have developed and implemented proprietary technology for our hotels that deliver results.

Our customized management information systems provide a competitive advantage to the property-level team running your hotel. These include: sophisticated expense controls; accurate and timely financial reporting; real-time transparency into operations; enhanced productivity; and the highest level of service quality.

Owner's Perspective

World Choice Hotels understands that maximizing asset value is always the primary goal. We do so by focusing on:

  • Properly positioning the asset in the market, including the optimal brand affiliation.
  • optimizing revenue
  • aggressively controlling costs and improving efficiency
  • implementing World Choice Hotels's cost-saving platforms (energy, waste management, service contract and vendor systems)
  • maintaining assets at the optimal quality level
  • empowering our associates to exceed guests' expectations
  • nurturing relationships with clients and guests
  • achieving optimum financial performance each and every day

We approach each assignment with an “extension of ownership” philosophy.

We welcome the opportunity to share more about our methods and to learn about your needs for extraordinary hotel management.

Meet the core team

Narayan Gautam
Founder & CEO
Isha Sharma
Monika Dua
Manager - Revenue Management