Meta Search Marketing-Its a great way to level the playing field with OTA around the fast growing meta search eco-system

Meta search marketing in hospitality is online advertising that requires real-time room availability and pricing feed.

Meta-Search is maturing and has a huge impact on how consumers purchase travel today. by understanding how meta-search works, you can use it to your advantage to get more direct bookings through your website rather then through the ota's.

Meta search marketing is a great way to level the playing field with OTAs throughout the fast growing meta search eco-system. In addition we have witnessed great ramp-up of high quality traffic volume since the beginning of the year with the introduction of meta search by TripAdvisor, the entrance of in the North American market, and the acquisition of by Priceline.

How Can Hoteliers Take Advantage of Meta Search Marketing?

Advertising on the meta search sites is easy and stress-free if you partner with an experienced meta search marketing firm that has the technology interfacing with the meta search algorithms of Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor Meta Search, etc.

One such technology is World Choice Hotels  Meta-Search Program, a one-stop meta search marketing platform that enables, runs, manages, tracks, and reports on any property’s meta search marketing campaigns on Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor Meta Search,, Trivago, etc.

How much should hoteliers budget for meta search marketing? At this point, this advertising format is not a big-ticket item. For example, here at World Choice Hotels, a Google Hotel Finder meta search package starts at $300/month and a TripAdvisor Meta Search package starts at $500/month. These cost-effective meta search marketing packages include the advertising spend, property CRS connectivity to the Meta-Search Gateway, campaign management, daily bid and ad spend management, conversion tracking and reporting.

In the case of TripAdvisor, World Choice Hotels recommends combining the TripAdvisor Meta Search Program with a TripAdvisor Business Listing. Based on our hotel client portfolio, properties with BOTH the Meta Search Program and a Business Listing generated:

  • 66% more revenues compared to properties with ONLY Meta Search
  • 126% more revenues compared to properties with ONLY a Business Listing

What is metasearch and why is it important?

Metasearch is the way consumers perform quick price comparisons for hotel accommodations online. Why is it so important to hotels? Because it opens the opportunity for direct booking.

Why is direct booking better?
OTAs charge commissions, often 20% or more, on bookings made through them. Direct bookings made on the hotel website, however, have no such fees. Every booking that avoids a 20% commission to an OTA represents a 25% boost to your revenue from that booking.

Direct bookings also allow you to own the guest pre/post stay relationship, and add value to your website with inbound link traffic.

Why is metasearch important?
With metasearch, customers search for hotels, unconcerned about who provides the booking.  Listings of a hotel’s own website in metasearch results is key to increased direct bookings.

Metasearch channels impact a high percentage of travel searches, making them a critical part of your distribution strategy.

How valuable is metasearch hotel marketing?
The value of metasearch marketing becomes clear when you consider the ways customers book hotel rooms.
  • Organic – 10%
  • Online Travel Agency – 45%
  • Metasearch Engine – 45%

Organic – High revenue retention but low traffic
Some customers book directly with their favorite hotel chain by visiting the hotel website. For hoteliers, this is the best scenario because it’s completely free of commission. However, only a small fraction of bookings occur with this type of brand loyalty.

Online Travel Agency – High traffic and booking rate but high cost
Many consumers book hotels using their favorite OTA, perhaps because of loyalty points, usability of the website, or just good past experience. Popular OTAs generate large volumes of traffic and bookings, but commission rates make this costly.

Metasearch engine – High traffic and success with World Choice Hotels
Many other consumers rely on metasearch engines to search for accommodation. Once they select a hotel, they choose from multiple booking options usually dominated by the OTAs. Unless the hotel has a way to keep the metasearch engine updated with accurate rates and also manage and optimize bidding, the hotel’s website will never appear as a booking option.

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